thanks for using fedibooks, but unfortunately i can't do this anymore.

the database has been wiped and all fedibooks bots are offline permanently. i strongly recommend against attempting to host fedibooks yourself, as it is a barely functioning pile of shit.

i don't even recommend using mstdn-ebooks, honestly.

remember to revoke fedibook's permissions from everything - i'm not gonna abuse the permissions, but i am able to, so you have nothing to lose by revoking them, and you potentially have something to lose by not revoking them if i turn evil or whatever, so just do it.

the only reason i'm even bothering to delete fedibooks is because i noticed that my shitty code had pegged one of my server's cores at 100% and realised that i could either spend 15 minutes fixing it or move on with my life.

the source code is still available of course, but i'm not linking to it because it's shit. feel free to fork it but i don't want to hand over the main repo because i don't want to encourage its continued existence.